Happy 2nd Birthday To Us!

Today is a big day for Asana Creative Strategy – we are celebrating our 2nd birthday!

Right now, more women are running for office at all levels of government than ever before. We are gratified to tell the true stories of a single mom and of a Cambodian refugee running for Congress for the first time. We are excited to help a candidate become the first transgender Governor in U.S. history. We are proud to amplify these voices so that our government better reflects its citizens.

But Asana Creative doesn’t just do political work; we also work with growing brands and organizations, focusing on smart membership growth and connecting with customers.

I am grateful for my team – current, past, freelancers and partners – that have made our work possible. It’s thanks to them that we have grown and thrived. I am proud that we have a collaborative and flexible workplace, allowing for staff to enjoy time away from the office so that they may bring their best selves to work each day.

I believe that my role in life is to be a connector. Asana Creative Strategy’s team of communications strategists and online storytellers does this by listening to how each clients’ issues are discussed and meeting the audience where they are. We believe that when our clients make this connection, they can help change the world.

Today, we blow out two candles. To all our clients, partners, allies, friends, and family: Thank you. We are excited about what this next year holds; in the meantime, give us a call. We’d love to chat with you!

Courtney Sieloff

Founder and CEO, Asana Creative Strategy