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Connect on an emotional level with your audience using tailored digital content. We are data-driven advisers, strategists, and collaborators, working closely with you to reach (and exceed!) your goals.

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We tell stories. We weave the story of your campaign or brand into the very fabric of your audience’s lives.  We don't just find your audience online, we keep them coming back to you for more.

Our team is diverse in terms of background, life experience, and work history. We believe that this is the key to telling better stories. We are former campaign organizers, advisors and communications experts.  We create the most effective digital programs that educate and keep supporters engaged - we like to surprise and delight our clients! Let us do this for you, so you can get those contributions, votes, new members, or sales that you seek.


organizational strategy

Sometimes you are just too “in it” to see other possibilities. This is so common, that we are almost embarrassed to talk about it. Our team brings together departments and decision-makers to develop a communications strategy that makes sure that your goals are reached, that members hear from you, that dollars are raised, that new members are added to the roster, and that everything, from your Facebook page to your executive bios are all telling the same consistent story.


public affairs + advocacy

We find the angles and tell the stories that make your case stronger to elected officials and other important stakeholders. We motivate supporters by speaking their language and involving them where they can have the most impact. We come up with the methods to keep the story in front of your targets, whether that’s direct action, an advertising campaign, or well-timed, placed media hits.


social media + community

We know the people you want to talk to are using social media. We can even tell where their interests lie, which channels they use, and where they like to visit. We also know that a really good social media campaign is time consuming and requires an excellent understanding of your communications strategy – something that may require more experience…and more attention. Let us handle your audience growth, engagement, the creative content, and your messaging.



Sometimes even the best messages need a boost, particularly if you need to reach those critical audiences. This is where fantastic storytelling, scroll-stopping creative, and a deep audience understanding come in. We create campaigns that understand your audience and where they are most likely to be attracted to your message. We specialize in digital, outdoor, and video advertisement and placement.

membership engagement

Keeping your membership excited and growing takes an understanding of who they are, outside of their interest in your work, It also means speaking to them the way they want to hear you. This can be a tricky balance, but one that we walk with ease.


We will happily brag about our list growth and email programs. We capture your authentic voice and speak to your voters, just like you would; no scare tactics from us. We also believe that your voters are really smart, and we show them respect – which is the simple magic to our successful campaigns. We find ways to increase email list sizes while still making sure that these are the right people for your message or campaign.


Executive Positioning

Your leadership and executive team are the foremost experts in your work and it’s critical to the reputation of the organization that this is well-known. This positioning requires the little things, like LinkedIn profiles that reflect the expertise and leadership experience of the top management, anyone who will interact with government officials, and for the sales team. Media training will also be important, ensuring that everyone can speak to the power of your organization’s work.

visual and written CONTENT 

We humans are visual creatures. We are drawn to the bold, the moving, the new, the different. We create images, written content, and photographs that continue your story. We help you think through the best places to put your information, to attract your people.

Graphic Design + Video

We make you look good by making you look good. Whether it’s a new logo, digital advertising campaign, social media graphics, a promotional video, or a year-end report, we’ve got you covered.

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“Navigating social media today is like whitewater rafting - it moves really fast, is constantly changing, and if you're not paying attention everyone else passes you by. It has been great to have Asana Creative Strategy as our river guide.”